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Laser Cut - Excellent cutting quality at extremely high speed 

The Laser Cut process strongly restricts the arc and generates a small focussed spot with a very high energy density. This energy melts the material and due to the kinetic energy of an additional cutting gas the molten metal is removed out of the groove. Laser cutting is characterised by an excellent cutting quality, an extremely high cutting speed and a very good automation capability. Depending on the requirement different laser types with different characteristics can be used.

  • Automated welding
  • Thin plates and thicker materials
  • High cutting quality
  • High cutting speed
  • Small heat-affected zone
  • Low heat input

  • Steel
  • High-strength steel
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-nickel materials
  • Coated plates
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CLOOS Cutting brochure
CLOOS Cutting brochure
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